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The Big Bucket! – How We Can Live Forever!

22 Jul

My simple view is that we will all live forever, but not be aware of it.  Our body will die but our essential being will live on as part of the universal life force from which all life is drawn and imprints and configures every new life form.  A little like the concept of a soul, except there is no price to pay – no admission – it is just the way it is.   It is nice to think we will live forever, but not so nice, I agree, if we cannot experience it

You could imagine it as an infinite bucket of water – the essence of all life that has been and will ever be.  If you pour in a bottle of beer, the beer will always be there, but not in its original complete form – it has been added and becomes part of the total mixture.  We can live on as part of the total life mixture, but unlikely to retain the same distinct identity

Not that I know what I’m talking about, but it makes sense – I think.

Another equally logical thought is that if we are all driven by a universal life force, it is unlikely that our individuality, our personal entity, is retained exclusively and separately by us – that we are a self-contained  island!  I imagine free flow (under the waves) between people – not communication like speech, but at a different level we are and will always be linked.  I imagine there may be some human formulations that are more compatible together than others, so we fall in love or strongly bond in some other way. 

Because the living and the dead are part of the same life force totality, our ongoing below the surface communication could well include the influence of those we have been close to while they were alive – plus any others, of course.

Somewhat less logical, but a nice thought is if, in certain circumstances, the totality of a previous life can be restored intact (I cannot imagine what would trigger it) it could explain ghosts and reincarnation and even dreams when we seem to be living different lives.

At the start of this blog, I thought I should share some thoughts, rather than let you form the wrong impression.  If you have similar beliefs, that would be very exciting.

If we have similar beliefs, possibly we are already significantly linked and this is just another step.

Thanks, I hope you all had a great weekend.



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