Welcome to my new blog.  I have been writing a Human Resources blog for more than five years (570+ articles) and plan to dedicate this blog to some of the subjects that may not fit well in a business blog, but have great significance when considering our life and our existence.

In Human Resources, because of the intense focus on people, the subject extends into sensitive areas including religion, sexuality and particularly personal relationships.

With the current political activity (GOP v. Democrats) I wonder how civilized we have actually become.  How much further we are ahead – in sensitivity and breadth of thought – than our ancestors 5000 years ago.  If personal fulfillment is the purpose of life, are we today desensitized to many potential aspects of satisfaction and enjoyment?

I intend to cover such topics.  Many I have referred to briefly in my HR blog, but they merit more attention and I look forward to sharing with you.

Thanks – I hope you will join me!



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