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Digg Takes the Plunge and Drowns My Account!

4 Aug

I have to say that the people running “new Digg” do not seem to be great communicators.  You can imagine my surprise when I tried to log in and everything had gone: my identity, my submissions, my history, my friends – like a Tsunami had come and wiped us all out!

I believe the change took place August 1 – the same day US healthcare took a step forward covering various issues including Birth Control.  Birth Control was the subject of the post I submitted on Digg, August 2nd.  I have no idea where it went – I couldn’t find it on Google and older posts that did show on Google couldn’t be opened.  I tried to be open minded and searched around a little, but still have no idea what “new Digg” is trying to achieve.  The page I could open, showed a bunch of articles, newspaper style, but no way to get to my submissions or check out the submissions of interesting friends I had exchanged with earlier on Digg.

I am not pretending to be particularly knowledgeable about the various sites.  I still have no idea what Google +1 (if that is the name) is all about.  I have never used +1’s and in general don’t like sites that treat us like school kids, constantly trying to get us to rate things.  I use Google for searches (except on Firefox where Babylon has usurped).  Back to Google – I was shocked to find advertisements heading results for my searches and being told I can “opt-in” and see ads. geared to my interests, or “opt-out” and see ads. unlikely to be of interest.  I opted-out as I am not interested in any advertisements and don’t want Google to choose them for me, although I thought that already happened – by geographic location etc.

Klout is a little more interesting.  With Klout I go directly to topics I am supposed to be influential in – that amuses me.  I like being influential in “Greenland” and have been proud of various other ones like “Magic” and “Turkey”, but some I cannot guess how they became attached.  Plus K’s mean nothing to me, but I would like my overall rating to get back over 40 – it went down when, in addition to Twitter, data from other sites I barely participate in were included in the calculation.  However, I don’t do anything deliberate to increase my score, in spite of perks that I would be eligible for if I completed my profile.

I like Twitter, but I don’t see the various changes on Twitter as improvements, but at least I still have my identity, although various things seem harder to follow.  I hardly understood Facebook  at any time, so didn’t notice when they made major changes – still confusing but in a different  way!

So, those are a few grumbles as I watch the Olympics.  Do you think Social Media is getting better?  Am I just a stick in the mud?




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