What Does God Think about Politics and Business?

25 Jul

Obviously I cannot speak with certainty, but I think it is unlikely that the supreme creator is really watching and taking sides on political and other earthly battles and conflicts of opinion. If I infer that God’s focus is primarily on love, that is more wishful thinking, but it is closer to what most people would like to believe. It also seems logical.

What else would we like to believe? We would like to think that God would like the world he/she created to be a nice place allowing all people to live together with respect, dignity and some degree of comfort.

I think God would be an equal opportunity love giver and expect those with power and influence to be the same. He may be watching to see how those at the top (in earthly terms) use their power for good – the benefit of mankind – rather than for selfish gain.

Expanding on that thought, I doubt if God is a big supporter of “trickle-down” love. The concept that God should bestow most love and benefit on the powerful ones, confident that they will know how to best pass it on equitably to less lovable mortals.

So, God is watching and hoping people are nice and share the love. What does God think about efficiency? If there are 100 people performing a task on an ongoing basis and some smart person finds a way to cut 20 people and still achieve the same, would God be impressed? Would God award a medal to the person who cut out twenty people or be more concerned about the fate of those cast out people? Does God praise the company for being so smart, or reproach them for their indifference to human suffering?

Does God like government? Probably “like” is the wrong word, but maybe God accepts that responsible government is necessary, particularly if most business is driven only by making money, by any means available. If business does not care about people then the government has to step in. If the poor, the sick and the “different” are persecuted, the government can help correct that situation. If millions of people have been rejected and alienated from the good life, then maybe the government can give some support. Should it be “big” government or “small” government? Presumably it should be the right size to offset the negative actions, towards people, of those consumed by greed.

Does God get angry about the separation of Church and State? Does God feel slighted and unfairly excluded? I am sure not. How does the God of one religion feel about all the other Gods? If there was no separation of Church and State, wouldn’t all the Gods claim equal rights to representation? Would they end up fighting amongst themselves, just like political candidates? What an awful thought. Maybe they are all the same God, but just wearing different earthly uniforms. What do I know?

Competition is a big thing on Earth and also for God in the fight against evil – I believe the outcome is predetermined (good wins out) which helps. Does God like competition? Does that promote free choice? If competition results in masses of people unemployed and unemployable, what free choice is there for the discarded – starve or steal? If the anticipated reward is in heaven, does that make it feel better for them? What do they do in the meantime – look at their watches (if any) counting the hours?

I respect all Gods. I respect all people, but pity those whose target in life is personal gain, regardless of the pain it may inflict on others. I am saddened also when such people attribute noble values to their greed and as politicians seek even more power. I feel sorry for the trusting people who believe them and vote for them and just inherit more of the same and continue to be kept in their place.

I cannot pretend to know God, but I am sure any God would want the wonders and beauty of life on our Earth, to be shared by all people, not just the greedy few.

Thank you for listening,



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